Workshop: Extreme detail


This project was a collaboration between a number of studio groups that sought to create lighting objects using digital fabrication methods. I participated in the construction of a floor lamp that utilised parametric modelling techniques through Rhinoceros/Grasshopper and a CNC mill for fabrication.

The lamp is made of oriented-strand board cut on a CNC mill. The group used Rhinoceros to create a model of a simplified floor-standing structure and then simplified the design into a series of panels that could be cut from OSB sheets.

The placement and design of the holes were handled by the Grasshopper plugin for Rhinoceros and used a straightforward series of object translations to create holes that would be cut with a tapered design. This involved offsetting the shapes by different depths into the sheet for the CNC drill bit to follow. The edges of each sheet were cut at different angles that followed the angle that each sheet met at when assembled. The group used string to bind together the different sheets.

To finish the design, the holes were covered from the inside with translucent paper and LED lighting was installed.