Jardin Métis design competition


Professional work at Sputnik Architecture

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Everyone has a secret. We want people to think about their secrets. Why do we keep them? Three, folded, ephemeral, whispering nymphs grace the garden, waiting, listening, and seducing visitors to speak their secrets.

The nymphs Hesperides were not allowed to interfere with human affairs - at Jardin Métis, they will serve only as a conduit for human sounds. Each nymph will be equipped with a small microphone and a speaker. A visitor, who chooses to speak to a nymph, will have their message quietly whispered by another nymph somewhere in the garden or across Canada in a small garden in Winnipeg.

The garden in Winnipeg will whisper back to Jardin Metis. On occasions the whispers will go unheard, other times listeners will hear and perhaps respond. Responses, however, will find the ears of new listeners due to the configuration of the circuitry. In this way, secrets will be preserved and boundaries of privacy will remain intact.