Koncertsal is an ambitious musical architectural installation, an unusual experiment that gathers an international collective of artists, builders, and musicians to build a sprawling kinetic sound construction, both musical and architectural, site-specific to the former slaughterhouse Kulturdivisionen Slagteriet.

Mechanical music is created before the eyes of the viewer, producing a multisensorial experience, an interactive environment to explore, a habitat for kinetic sound sculptures. An architectural sculpture provides the backbone of Koncertsal: a hanging forest of kites constructed by Mr. & Mr. in collaboration with Anne Hollænder & Erik Tonning Jensen. The room resonates with a robotic orchestra by Ranjit Bhatnagar with Nick Yulman and Justin Lacko: a hacked theater spotlight, reconstructed accordions, and a robotic guitar, with vocal loops by Anne Hollænder. A 20 meter sound reactive kaleidoscope by Frédéric Durieu looms over the room, rendering each twitch and tweak of the melody into hypnotic colors and shapes.

The installation is designed and produced together by Ad Hoc Collective, a collaborative of artists, builders, and musicians from the US and across Europe, working in conjunction with the triannual Holstebro festuge.

11 June - 16 July 2017
Kulturdivisionen Slagteriet
Holstebro, Denmark

Participating artists: Ranjit Bhatnagar, Frédéric Durieu, Anne Hollænder & Erik Tonning Jensen, Mr. & Mr. (Alexis Lautier & Pierre Talagrand), Nick Yulman

Curated by Jean Barberis and Georgia Muenster

Special thanks: Jens Ardal, Anne Bataï, Lasse Bruun Eriksen, Morten Kromann, Justin Lacko, Mette Sandholt, Aleksandr Sandovic

Koncertsal is generously supported by Burning Man Arts, Kulturdivisionen Slagteriet Holstebro, and Statens Kunstfond