Product Manager & Interaction Designer
Holstebro, Denmark

The MODOS system is a unique and powerful integrated room control solution that uses lighting, video, and audio to create immersive and engaging spaces. As Product Manager & Interaction Designer, I was responsible for the design and research of MODOS product interfaces and management of the company's brand and products. I also created architectural designs for interior spaces where MODOS products would be installed. My work included:

UX/UI design:

  • Design of digital interfaces for MODOS cloud (web-based) and MODOS play tablet (hardware-based)
  • User centred design research:
    • Product and interface testing with nurses, patients, and casual users
    • Leading direct dialogue between users, designers, developers, and project stakeholders
    • Use cases & user stories
  • Quality assurance testing of digital interfaces and company website

Product design and management:

  • Development of product features through collaboration with users and market research
  • User centred design research:
  • Creation of product support materials including product catalogues, brochures, manuals, datasheets, and certifications
  • Content creation and management of MODOS "moods", product photos, and graphics
  • Formulation and management of MODOS system architecture with developers

Architectural design:

  • Development of architectural proposals for clients including diagrams and graphical renderings
  • Determination of room requirements for new MODOS system installs


The MODOS one comes in an oak finish, or frosted glass for hygienic spaces. Its design was inspired by the simple aesthetics of Scandinavian interiors, and is meant to be displayed prominently in a space.


Gallery of work (hover for captions)

UX/UI design:

MODOS cloud wireframe overview

A sampling of interfaces designed for the MODOS cloud web application.

Link to fullsize image

MODOS play tablet interface

A tablet-based remote control for the MODOS system. I designed the interface and features.


MODOS cloud - Dashboard view

The user had a general overview of their rooms and moods for quick management.


MODOS cloud - Mood view

Users can download or create their own moods for their system - a combination of video, audio, and lighting settings, the latter of which is laid out in groups and is fully adjustable.


MODOS cloud - Mood builder

A user could create their own moods to play in their spaces using the mood builder, which featured an interface for uploading videos, descriptions, lighting settings, and thumbnails and banners.

Print design:

MODOS product catalogue - Spread


MODOS product catalogue - Spread

Architectural renderings:

Proposal for a hospital room - Rendering


Proposal for a social space in a care home - Rendering