MODOS cloud interface


Web-based room control interface for MODOS


The desired functions and user control methods were developed through a series of user personas. The cloud system was to be used by hospital administrators, nurses, patients, family, and by people wishing to make presentations in business settings. From this, a series of functions emerged that formed a guideline of capabilities for the MODOS system. User testing was performed alongside nurses and patients in order to produce a product that was focused on user-centred design.


Through a web browser, a user can login and get access to a dashboard of room control features that linked to more complex tools. The dashboard presented a list of connected rooms along with available moods for the system to use. Moods and rooms were designed as individual tiles with information feedback through status lights and selection borders, making it easy for the user to get a quick overview of their MODOS system.

Detailed mood pages showed multimedia as large images to help communicate the feeling that the mood conveyed when played in the room. The user could also adjust lighting settings through a series of sliders. A mood creation tool could be used to create new moods, allowing the user to upload videos and photos, as well as adjust specific room settings (number of screens, descriptive tags) and lighting controls.

The interface also featured tools to troubleshoot connected rooms, including viewing a health report of the room that showed if any connected equipment was faulty. Standard controls to manage a user's password and personal info was also included.

MODOS cloud wireframe overview

MODOS cloud dashboard view

MODOS cloud mood view

MODOS cloud mood builder