Octophonic Speaker System


In 2010 I worked in collaboration with fellow student Aaron Simoes in the research, design, and construction of an octophonic speaker system for University of Manitoba architecture professor Patrick Harrop. We analysed an existing octophonic sound system of Dynaudio AIR 20 monitors at the Black Box research space at Concordia University in Montreal to get an idea of the sonic requirements of the project. (Further experimentation in this space is documented in the Ultrasonic Architecture II: Montreal project.)

A finished speaker

The finished test unit incorporated a variety of design tweaks, notably a dual-driver cabinet with material dampening wooden fins to guide the sound output. We constructed ten speakers in total - eight for the octophonic system and two for an additional stereo set.

Calibration of the speaker output

An octophonic envelope follower was designed to accompany the speaker system as per the project requirements. We conducted rudimentary testing of the audio output of the system and tweaked the speaker construction accordingly.

Octophonic envelope follower