UbuWeb Wolf Fifth archive

2013 - Present

Collaboration with Kenneth Goldsmith of UbuWeb

Link to project at UbuWeb

Wolf Fifth was a music blog that shared digital transfers of out-of-print and rare avant-garde and classical vinyl releases, with a special focus on Dutch avant-garde music of the 70s and 80s. The blog was suddenly removed from the internet after copyright claims from a Dutch publisher. Having followed the blog closely, I worked with Kenneth Goldsmith from UbuWeb to preserve the sounds on UbuWeb as part of the Wolf Fifth Archive.

The ability of publishers to claim copyright over material that is out of print and unreleased for 30-40 years speaks to the inherent problems that copyright faces in the digital age, and restrictions on access. Much like the similar Avant Garde Project at the Internet Archive, the Wolf Fifth Archive sought to preserve access to this music for archivists, researchers, and music enthusiasts alike.